Occasionally I like to challenge myself to build new tools very quickly.

Not all of them are used or even meant to be used in production but some of them are. Oftentimes they help me to learn new languages and frameworks.

Below you’ll find a showcase of a small selection projects I’ve (primarily) built and am proud of. (I generally built a bunch of stuff, some of which is throwaway.)


One of my earliest and most well-known projects; I still regularly meet people (internationally!) who are inspired by it and joined it (or wanted to) some years ago.

With coala, more than a thousand software developers were involved in making coding, especially linting, easier and more consistent; most importantly, however, building a huge and friendly community where students could learn how to code.

This project, once a napkin idea of a student, got me started on my first startup and to date is a recruiting source for the companies we build.


SameRun was basically built within two weekends as an excercise to learn flutter and firebase.

Due to COVID it was hard to meet for runs with other people and thus I build a quick app that allows people to run together remotely with headphones and builtin noise cancelling.

Fun fact: the promo video was created entirely using stock material without any video editing experience within 4 hours.


The current Hofly version was primarily built by me single handedly within about 3-4 months. It’s essentially a complete e commerce market place specialized to farmers with B2C and B2B client features.

I’m very curious where this one goes - as interesting as it is technically, it has the potential to become my most impactful project, especially sustainability wise, allowing everyone to change their food habits to local and regional food without hassle.