Over time, I’ve built or helped build a number of companies. Here’s a listing of the companies that are most important to me and my history.


Starting out as VIPERdev, FounderBlocks is to date active and helps getting about 2-5 products live per month.


With BuyingMachine, we help companies to build proper sales funnels. This was a long time challenge for me with my companies and as I invested much time into finding a solution, I found Robin who we’re building BuyingMachine with now. Our sales problem is not only far better off than before but also this is a big block in the vision of quickly being able to create new companies that need B2B Sales up and running quickly.


Hofly is the startup that I believe can have a lot of positive impact on this world. The way we buy, order and consume food can be radically better by supporting regional and fair agriculture.

Hofly is an important part in my drive to strive for a better world tomorrow than what we found today.


GitMate was my first real startup, a spinoff of our coala website. Although we learned a lot, GitHub and GitLab at some point started building similar features as part of their platforms and it made more sense to discontinue the company to venture out with others rather than investing several more years even though budget was still available.

For me, GitMate meant a lot of learning and I consider it my “first obligatory startup that fails” that every founder ought to have :).